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Anastasia Bardina

Anastasia Bardina is the famous Russian guitar player who graduated from the class of Prof. A. Frauchi of Russian Academy of Music in 1998. Since 1987 A.Bardina has been a teacher in Gnessins’ Music College. In 1986 Anastasia became a winner of the 3rd All-Russian Competition in Tula. In 1988 she acquired the title of Laureate of the 2nd International Competition in Tykhy, Poland.

The most distinguishing feature of Anastasia Bardina is that she is the only musician in Russia who plays the seven-string guitar among the musicians who give concerts. Anastasia is a virtuous player on two instruments, the classical six-string and a Russian seven-string guitars, she combines in her performances the masterpieces of the international guitar art and the unique Russian classical repertoire.

Anastasia participates in the numerous International Festivals in Poland, Hungary, Austria, Cuba, Israel, Serbia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and in other countries. Bardina’s tours have stable success both in our country and abroad. Anastasia has been a member of the jury on the International Competitions in Belgorod (Russia), Belgrade (Serbia), St-Petersburg (Russia). She has been a chairman of the jury on the Interregional Competitions in Cherepovets (Russia), Gomel (Byelorussia). During all competitions Anastasia conducts master-classes.

Anastasia has three albums: «GRAN-d Surprise», «Classical Guitar» and «Seven-string Guitar». Anastasia has the archival recording on Radio and TV and has participated in the records of television programs.

«Harmony – that’s the best word which defines the creative character of Anastasia Bardina»
Magazine «The world of guitar»

«There is lightning techniques and delicate nuances, strict construction of compositions and emotive power, passion and artistry in her performances. And also she has a perfect command of seven- and six-string guitars…
What a great talent! Look, listen, admire…»

«Anastasia Bardina is the vivid passion on the stage. She is a temperamental character of the exceptional energy. It’s the occasion when the person not only a virtuoso by one’s own techniques but by the way of thinking»
Nikita Koshkin, composer and guitarist

«…Anastasia Bardina is unique. Her concerts are based on contrasts. She plays both six- and seven- string guitars.
…Anastasia Bardina is the rare musician who isn’t afraid to change in the audience’s eyes.
… She has a perfect command of instruments and performs music of various styles and trends, beginning from the pieces of guitar classics of 18th-19th centuries, and ending by contemporary compositions»
Classical guitar’s program of «Radio of Russia»

«Anastasia Bardina has the outstanding uniqueness to charge her energy to the Concert Hall. Non of Russian guitarists can come into such amazing contact with audience. Therefore each concert of Anastasia is a celebration!»
«Evening Archangel»

«A.Bardina’s performance at a festival in Israel had stunning success even in the eyes of those who had heard her performances in Russia and seen the delight she was treated by Russian audience. Levantiers surpassed northerners in their passion. A. Bardina could be heard even after the end of the festival. She gave a brilliant master-class concert at Givataim’s conservatory and a solo performance at Neve-Sherete’s conservatory»
Israel weekly periodical «Okna»

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