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30 of May on the 16th festival «The World of Guitar» we had Paulüs Schäfer Gypsy Band on the stage. There were Paulüs Schäfer and Romino Grünholz on guitars, violinist Tim Kliphuis and Nick McGuire on a contrabass. A spirit of jazz-manouche went very close to russian soul: Django Reinhardt, «Les yeux noirs», gypsy guitars and a violin — everything that was remind us our favourite pre-revolution romantic culture. So we talked to musicians about some important things.

— Is it your first time in Russia? How do you like it?

Tim Kliphuis: Yes, it’s our first time, we like it very much, espeially russian roads!

— What did you play today?

Tim Kliphuis: We played some gypsy jazz standarts, which were written by Django Reinhardt and George Gershwin in 1930, but we also have rock songs by The Shadows, Joe Satriani and The Rolling Stones. So a little bit of everything.

— And is there something interesting about your instruments?

Paulüs Schäfer: Our guitars have special organization for playing not only by Gypsy people, but gypsy jazz players. These guitars were build in Paris for the Master, Django Reinhardt.

Tim Kliphuis: They are also quite loud guitars, classical guitars are very soft, jazz guitars are half-electric. This one was build to be loud to be heard acousticly.

— Are your guitars old or modern?

Tim Kliphuis: The model is from 1930s, but this guitar [of Romino Grünholz] is from 1990s and this guitar [of Paulüs Schäfer] is from 1950s. My violin is 1805, it’s a little bit older. I don’t know who played it but it was built in 1805 which was a time of Napoleon, he was pretty much busy in those days. The violin was made in Belgium which then was a part of France so I’m sure there is a story but I bought it seven years ago. It had been lying in an attic upstairs for fifty years no playing. So that’s all the story I know.

— So tell about gypsy soul in your music and life, gypsy soul as it is.

Paulüs Schäfer: The gypsy soul in guitar is in playing with our hearts, you can hear it.

Tim Kliphuis: It is not training in classical way, there’s no paper, no reading, it is from ears and from eyes. I think also a family is important, a gypsy community. You play with your family, you learn from your family, you learn from your father, you don’t learn those things at school, the art passes on families, that’s important. It’s very different of the way of we’ve learned, we went to school, I went to Conservatory, Nick McGuire went to army band. In case it’s more playing together and finding out for yourself. They live in a site in Holland, the family is settled, but in summer they go with a caravan to France, to Spain, they travel for months.

— What could you tell to Russian people?

Everybody: Our message to Russia: follow your heart in music and in life!

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