Our interview with Dominique Di Piazza

For one evening of the festival «The World of Guitar» Roman Miroshnichenko created the group of musicians with whom he had a lot of projects in past. The cast was absolutely brilliant: virtuosic violinist Charlie Bisharat, acoustic guitar by Mario Olivares, Roman Miroshnichenko (who was recently included to the list of the best jazz-guitarists) on an electric guitar himself, divino Dominique Di Piazza on bass and percussionist Over Sirrano. Among others they played compositions from the last album of Miroshnichenko «Surreal». Frantic violin improvisations, the dialogue of the instruments of Bisharat and Miroshnichenko, delicate and flying Di Piazza’s solo... This gig was unprecedented, very deep music expierence.

The World of Guitar: Listening to your music gives very deep and unique expierence, so what gives you such an inspiration besides music and form your soul?

Dominique Di Piazza: A lot of expierence, expierence of the life. I traveled around the world so I used to meet all kinds of people, all colors, all nationals and then I’m very open. I love nature and I also believe in god. All these things give me inspiration. I was not maybe destined to be a musician, really. But I became a musician, I was twenty years old, it is late. I was a worker at painter house and I was in love with music. I am self-taught. So I can’t tell all my life, but I can say that music saved me because I had a lot of problems in my youth and music helped me to transcend. I believe that music can only create emotions, it is not too much of an intellectual thing, I don’t read very much about music. To play is like to dealing with your voice: it’s like to speak, to tell something.

TWG: And who among musicians and maybe other people around you inspired you the most?

Dominique Di Piazza: I am inspired by a lot of musician that I used to listen to when I was young. But not only bass-players of course, that’s Jako Pastorius like one of best bass-player, I used to listen to Coltrane... I like harmony, I like melody. What’s inspiring me? I like to play for women, that’s inspiring me! They are like muses. Because women have different sensitivity, perception, and I like it very much — feminine ear.

TWG: There are different nationalities which influenced you: french, sicilian and gypsy. Which one of them did form you mostly?

Dominique Di Piazza: I mostly consider gypsy. Gypsies are all around the world and there are different influences: they have flamenco, they have jazz-manouche... You know, music is something communitarian.

TWG: And for the last question could you give a piece of advice to young musicians who are at the beginning of their careers?

Dominique Di Piazza: When we start it’s good to imitate people but we have to forget about this very quickly and be ourselves. It’s easy and difficult at the same time. I have a chance to be myself even when I try to imitate other people. But the best thing is to try to speak from our hearts because we all have some different things to say and various sensitivity. We have to find something only ours and go forward with this.

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